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Always at the forefront of technology, Personal Factory offers you long distance meetings. Its Digital Showroom wants to be a place where, by appointment, you can discover the new Personal Factory technologies; see live, as in the fair, our plants; discuss processes and products with our technicians; configure a plant with a technician to have a plant that suits your needs; upgrade to always get the best out of your plant.

To meet at distance

Presentation of our technologies

The strength of Personal Factory technology is to reduce travel over long distances. We talk about materials but also about people. Now it is possible to book a personalized digital visit at our facility to see a live system in operation from a distance, as if we were at a trade fair.
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Full training to our technologies

We offer comprehensive training for our partners or for those who want to become a qualified and certified operator. We propose:
- a complete training on site ranging from production set-up to marketing, from the proper use and maintenance of the Origami plant to the management of its digital twin;
- specific webinars to deepen particular functions of the technology (calibration scales, business simulation, product certification, CloudFab and production process, etc.).
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Hack The Mat, l’Accademia dell'applicatore, proposes a training to the decorator craftsman on products and techniques in the field of high aesthetic value finishes for floors and walls with an approach oriented to the best market practices. The course currently consists of 3 modules: Basic Decoration - for the application of monolithic and metallic finishes and their enhancement; Advanced Decoration - for the realization of decorative effects with technical mortars on walls, floors and furniture; EIFS System - to know all types of interventions, with their advantages and disadvantages.