Personal Factory offers one of the most extensive product ranges on the construction chemicals market. More than 150 products available in thousands of colour, texture, and adaptation for particular climate zones. Jut-in-time products, on request, close to the customer and always fresh. Divided into 13 families ranging from tile adhesives to coloured or design finishes, from technical waterproofing, restore mortars, EIFS coatings and much more.

Making 3D effects with NANOSTUCCO CERAMIC

Making metal surfaces with NANOSTUCCO METAL

Making a plasterboard wall with GYPSOCOAT PB 300

How to apply microcement: NANOSTUCCO cycles briefly

Focus on excellence


NANOSTUCCO 700 CERAMIC is the latest addition to the NANOSTUCCO range.
A one-component microcement type coating, ultra easy to lay, with full and velvety shades, even in dark colours.


Making surfaces with metallic finishes is now possible thanks to NANOSTUCCO METAL. Easy to apply, based on pure metal, available in different shades: bronze, copper, gold, pewter, iron and silver.


ISOLVASCHE MONOFLEX adds the ease of use of the single-component to the characteristics of a waterproofing membrane: resistance to cracks, hydrophobicity and adhesion for use in the following days.


Because innovation and environmental protection have always been in our DNA, we have created the NOISE STOP products: products based on recycled rubber powder that significantly increase noise reduction.

A world of products

Waterproofing a balcony

Personal Factory has designed a new cycle of products to safely waterproof balconies and terraces. By gluing and smoothing the NANOSTUCCO 3D-MULTIFOIL desolidarizing membrane with NANOSTUCCO BASE, the balcony becomes a perfect base for the realization of the NANOSTUCCO cycle.
In combination with NANOSTUCCO BAND and NANOSTUCCO JOINT to create borders and joints, the waterproofing of the balcony will be seamless, even on large surfaces.

Substrate preparation for Nanostucco application cycles

Cementitious substrate, tiles or other, in good condition or damaged, inside or outside, to be waterproofed or not, large surfaces, need for a fast construction site: each condition determines a particular way to prepare the substrate before applying monolithic finishes of NANOSTUCCO cycles. Because a good job starts with the bases, Personal Factory has studied the various situations to propose the best solutions.

EIFS - External Insulation & Finishing System

EIFS (External Insulation & Finishing System) is the most effective method to ensure excellent living comfort and reduce heating costs. A decidedly ecological and economical choice. Discover the various stages.

A laboratory, guarantor of quality

A state-of-the-art laboratory

HACK THE MAT is our laboratory for building materials testing, where dozens of technologies applied to building materials have been developed in recent years. The laboratory is one of the most advanced in the sector in Italy and deals with specific tests investing almost 50% of resources in research and development.

Discover our laboratory.

A centre for developing new products and technologies

In our research center, dozens of technologies have been conceived that have revolutionized the building world. The most important ones: ACSIPOSI compounds, nano-clays, PAVIMIX FF range, intelligent laboratory assistant named Rosetta, first efflorescence simulator, first Italian installation of Morphologi with RAMAN and much more.

An advanced training school

HACK THE MAT is also a centre for continuing education for people working in the field of building materials and technologies. The most prestigious universities and faculties in Italy and abroad make use of our structure, our collaboration and our know-how for the development of projects at the highest level.

Tests on materials

The super-equipped laboratory has a team of technicians able to respond to any need. It also has hundreds of raw materials, dozens of substrates, additives, resins, mineral fillers and natural reagents from the 5 continents, which allows it to perform tests beyond the limits set by the standards and to create increasingly elaborate formulations.