Our plants

Raw materials

The entire plant structure is divided into 3 completely separate concentric frames. This approach mechanically isolates the various components and prevents the transmission of process vibrations to the dosing sensors. The ORIGAMI platform offers a very strong management of raw materials, which provides a high precision of dosage: +/-200 grams in standard hoppers, +/-20 grams for micro-dosing units.
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It is a precision scale that can be combined with our plants with an accuracy of one gram, directly managed by the software. This scale guarantees the possibility of manual integrations in formula (color, low dosed additive, etc.), having the certainty of product quality and traceability.


It is a 2 m³ modular minisilos. It exists in 2 versions with 2 different screw angles. The silo is complete with mushroom-shaped fluidifiers, percussion, suction and inspection window, loading hatch and auger. Its intelligent shape allows up to 12 silos to be placed side by side in order to ensure a perfectly flat and balustraded walking surface. Unlike traditional solutions, the system can be extended with standard mountable components. The strong standardization and modularity allows to expand the functionality of an Origami system also at a later date. It can be equipped with accessories that allow dust reduction and operator access. The 2 models of MULTIRAW PLUS are equipped with the same auger making the management of spare parts efficient. If necessary, the auger can be equipped with CLEANSCREW technology.


It is a flexible loading system for raw materials in bags or jumbo bags. The system allows for safe, flexible and efficient handling of variable raw materials. It has a vulcanized rubber diaphragm that adheres perfectly to the jumbo bag, sealing the mouth and preventing dust from escaping or contaminating the material.

The hopper is equipped with a door for the closed opening of the jumbo bag. It has 5 vibro-aerators to facilitate the flow of material towards the screw conveyor and an electric vibrator that helps the flow of problematic materials. The hopper is equipped with a perimeter suction system with total elimination of high flow rate dust with a large diameter valve that can be connected to the centralized suction system. This helps to have a clean and safe working environment, especially when working manually with the bags.

The loading screw has a very large opening to make loading mechanically easy even in the presence of materials with difficult flow. The motorization is largely oversized in order to avoid jamming of the screw. Included in the system is a cross for the support and safe handling of the jumbo bag by both forklift and hoist. The loading screw has a protection grid that allows the operator to work safely.

The system includes as standard the closing plate with grid specifically designed for the loading in hopper of raw material in bags.


key features: odyra

It is a mobile minisilos, 1 m³, equipped with screws, control panel, rapid valve, suction nozzle and fluidisation funnels. MOVAHOP PLUS is forkliftable. Equipped with CLEANSCREW and EASYMOVE technologies, the system allows for the manual replacement of the raw material in a few minutes without having to proceed with the emptying of the component. In case the emptying is necessary, the numerous openings make the cleaning operations off-line with internal zero residue very easy. The material can then be repackaged directly from the component. The versatility of the component makes the management of materials extremely flexible and allows to automatically manage a virtually infinite number of different raw materials from the machine.


It is an innovative, 0.1 m³ microdoser that solves all the problems of flexibility, precision and cleanliness of classic microdosers. It is equipped with an internal agitator, fluidization valves, on board control panel. Equipped with all Origami technologies: CLEANSCREW for cleaning, XFLOW, MULTICELL for precision, EASYCHANGE, EASYMOVE, for flexibility and ease of management. In case emptying is necessary, the numerous openings make it very easy to clean off-line with internal zero residue. The material can then be repackaged directly from the component. The versatility of the component makes the management of materials extremely flexible and allows to automatically manage a virtually infinite number of different raw materials from the machine.


It is a trolley on wheels, equipped with integrated electric hoist that allows the handling and lifting of big bags up to 2 tons and up to one cubic meter. Useful for easy and safe handling and emptying of big bags on silos.


Precision secondary load scale, equipped with percussors, fluidising mushrooms, discharge valve, cover and connection to the centralised suction system. It allows to dose in an automatic and extremely precise way the secondary raw materials that are loaded in formula through MOVAHOP PLUS or through MOVAFEED.
Changing raw material easily is essential for flexibility. Smaller silos, hoppers and micro-dosing units with EASYCHANGE technology are simple to connect and disconnect with a connector. Maximum 2 wires (power supply + Ethernet).
An innovative system that allows the opening of a loading screw conveyor in its entire length, without tools and in just a few seconds. It permits fast and safe cleaning of the component even in the case of material with a strong adhesive power, allowing the elimination of any element accidentally fallen into the raw materials.
This technology is used to improve the accuracy of the micro-dosing unit. By ensuring a constant and continuous load of the dosing screw conveyors, it homogenizes their capacity through a gentle shaking process, facilitating flow control by ODYRA 2.

The key is the mixer

ORIGAMI mixer has been designed to eliminate the restrictions of existing mixing systems (horizontal and vertical) while improving their advantages. Its patented VHTM 2 technology ensures a perfect dispersion even in a few grams additivation. It’s a key feature for the creation of very complex blends without slowing down production, within a perfectly integrated system.


It is the patented mixer. It is composed of 2 metal lenses, each made of 2 layers of stainless steel, cold deformed and splined to form an extremely rigid and perfectly smooth component. All screws are embedded in the first layer, so there are no asperity. Its innovative shape guarantees high mixing quality and allows a wide front door, easily accessible by the operator, who can inspect, clean and manually integrate the formulations if necessary.



In horizontal mixers, the high peripheral speed of the blades produces a turbulence that mixes the components. Similarly, OML-MIX generates turbulence too, but minimizes the material spreading on the sides, which in this case always drops in the middle. Vertical mixers create fountain effect. The material is conveyed through a screw from a small bottom section and projected upward. This generates issues when you are facing different densities and granulometries. In OML-MIX, on the contrary, the blades gather the material from a significantly smaller bottom than the one in vertical mixers. Therefore, it creates fountain effect in which the material drops in the middle anyway, without the need of a screw conveyor that would have difficulty to pick it up from the bottom.
       VHTM 2
It has two major characteristics: high peripheral mixing speed and drop of the material at the center of the mixer. New blades and variable rotation allow the mixing process to work continually in excellent conditions, according to product density.
With this technology the mixing unit can work at a lower pressure than the environment one. This allows the door opening for manual additions without dust releasing, to protect the operator’s health.
       FASTCLEAN 2
It is a technology developed to facilitate the highest production changeover speed, ensuring very low cross-contamination between processes. Through a computerized procedure using valve nozzles, high rotations, high frequency vibrations and vacuum cleaner, it allows a perfect cleaning in a very short time.


ORIGAMI’s packaging system combines the action of multiple components and technologies to create a reliable and compact packaging system. The combined work of mixer-valve-scale guarantees: precise weighing, great flexibility of weight and type of packaging, cleaning, absence of cross-contamination, homogeneity in the bag and between the different bags and an almost non-existent segregation. It works with mixtures of various materials, even when there are significant differences between particles densities.


EYEVALVE 4 is the most technologically advanced component of the ORIGAMI plant. It holds, in less than 20 cm, every essential component for a quick and accurate management of the packaging. It permits to handle very different materials with various densities and fluidities. The valve can withstand the violent aggression from extremely abrasive materials, like quartz and mineral aggregates, enduring easily hundreds of thousands of openings.
Realized thanks to DMLS technology, it is a unique piece in synthesized aeronautical stainless steel, with a speed of intervention of a few milliseconds. It includes 4 stages of compressed air nozzles that constantly clean the surfaces, creating a venturi effect. It helps the mixer’s emptying process and fluidizes the material to facilitate its flow. The computerized management of all components makes the valve dynamic and adaptable to the various stages of the process. Its original shape has been designed to reduce the contact area and stroke, thus making opening and closing (a few milliseconds) instantaneous and at the same time eliminating problems of friction and therefore wear or blockage. In this last version it has a large diameter increased by 8 centimetres for the passage of the material as well as 3 different levels of opening, managing to partialize the flows. This ensures a dosage that is both precise and fast at the same time.


It is the new system for flexible packaging of the finished product able to use 3 different packages on the same device. With the possibility to vary dynamically and quickly both the size and the type of packaging without downtime. In this new version, the zero parasite voltage scheme and the new version of the MULTICELL technology have allowed us to increase precision and at the same time to eliminate inaccessible areas. This makes it easier to clean the device. The device has a very high precision electronics able to manage with accuracy very different weights.


It is the only packaging system that can create, using the same component, valve bags, made of paper or plastic, buckets, open-mouth bags. It can be used with weights that vary from 5 to 50 kg and the change of type of packaging is immediate.

10 kg - 50 kg

10 kg - 50 kg

10 kg - 50 kg


It is an independent packaging system for open-mouth bags for packaging the products in plastic or paper bags even of small size. The system feeds the dosing scale through a screw equipped with CLEANSCREW technology. The system is useful if you want to make single-dose bags of product. Dosing is carried out directly into the bag. Therefore without contamination problems. All at an extremely comfortable operator height. The system is equipped with all the most advanced technologies such as ODYRA and MULTICELL.


Conveyor belt, available in several sizes, from 3 to 5 meters adjustable in height with vibrating bars for the transport of ready packages. With full belt sensor, safety rope and management via software on board the machine.
       VSP 2
VARIABLE SPIN PACKAGING dynamically manages the carrying capacity during packaging according to material, cycle phase and internal pressure of the mixer. Through a continuous speed variation of the shaft, it optimizes the capacity to maximize speed and accuracy. The system also varies its settings according to the packaging.
       ADYFLOW 2
ADVANCED DYNAMIC FLOW CONTROL is the innovative material flow management. Through the fast movements of the discharge valve and through a dynamic management of the 4 stages of valve fluidization, it improves VSP2 efficiency increasing the range of processable materials and product quality.
DIRECT METAL LASER SINTERING is the process used to create the patented discharge valve. It assures the highest mechanical performance on the market. In a compact body, it ensures very high mechanical performances and all the mechanisms for packaging management are embedded.

The comfort

The well-being and safety of the operator have been taken into account in the design of ORIGAMI plants. The plant needs only one operator to work. Through a simple interface, it manages the process by making simple choices: what to produce, in what quantity and in what package. In case of need, 95% of the service operations do not require the presence of a Personal Factory technician on site but can be performed remotely.


Extension of the MULTIRAW PLUS worktop. It allows you to create a worktop above the plant. Dimensioned to support the loads of MOVAHOP PLUS and BB-UP, it is mounted on each MULTIRAW PLUS to create a perfectly flat surface of 60 sqm, also useful for the storage of materials. The component is equipped with suction channels for silos and automatic valves.


Modular protection barrier compatible with MULTIRAW PLUS. It allows to realize a perimeter protection railing at the worktop of the silos in order to have a perfectly closed and protected surface.


Bridge connecting silos, it is useful to obtain a perfectly flat floor on the silos. The system also includes the central part of the central suction sorting between silos, mixer and loading scales.


It is a high-efficiency dust-abatement system capable of efficiently handling up to 8 suction points of 300 mm diameter. It includes independent suction lines equipped with pneumatically operated valves.
The high-efficiency bag filter specifically for fine mineral dust has 140 felt bags in 550 g/m² polyester with 100 Pa L/dm²/min air permeability on corrosion-resistant stainless steel baskets. It has an 11 kw motor with a flow rate of 10,000 mc/h and a pressure tank with outlets controlled by solenoid valves for shaking and filter cleaning by AirGun. The screw for the discharge of the dust sucked in both bag and container is managed automatically and is equipped with a butterfly valve to seal.